Amritpal Singh Biography

Amritpal Singh is the leader of Waris Punjab De, a radical Sikh preacher and activist.

This is an organisation that aims to fight for social justice and preserve the rights and culture of Punjab.

He was born on January 18, 1993, in Jallupur Khera village, Amritsar district, Punjab.

He moved to Dubai in 2012 to join his family's transport business.

In August 2022, he went back to India and took over Waris Punjab De, which had been started by Deep Sidhu, who had died in an accident.

He is known for his controversial views on Sikhism and Punjab, such as advocating for Sikh rule and calling Sikhs "slaves" to Hindus.

He has also been involved in several clashes with the police and cases of kidnapping and murder.

He married a UK-based NRI named Kirandeep Kaur in February 2023. He lives in Jallupur Khera village with his wife and parents.

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